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Unsure if info about this has already gone public, but when is the update?

i dont think its coming tho but dont take my word for it. if macku answers this then better, Im pretty sure it was meant to come out for public a while back.

Hello when is the update


We're past mid February and the update still aint out? whats up?

Hey, sorry for the wait a lot of things happened the update will be available to patrons shortly (in a few days.) then it'll go public 10 days after that so you should get it here soon.

whens the new update coming mate?

Whens the new update coming?

It should go public around the begging of the next month.

Why can't I find Eloise?

Since you know her name I'm guessing you mean finding her the second time right? You can find her on the first floor right next to the cafeteria after you met Kumi. But that's where this version end so once you see this dialogue the room will be locked until the next one! Thank you for playing the game, I hope you enjoyed it!

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your game "pathetic demon" I really fell in love with the game. I was wondering when the full version of "pathetic demon" was coming out. If it already came out, then how can I find it and is it playable on mobile devices. 

Heya! Glad to hear you liked the game, it is still in development so I can't really say when the full version will come out but new builds come out time to time! As for the mobile version it's still something I'm working on and I hope to release it in the future!

I hope I was able to properly answer you questions, thank you for your interrest in the game!


Thanks for the reply, it was helpful. Keep up the good work.

Make it an app pls

Yup, that's something I planning on doing in the future releases!

Hi, im having trouble... how do i press the start key on mobile browser

I know that pause is toching the screen with two fingers at the same time, and and leavin on finger pressed on the screen will fast foward, but i can find the way how to press start for some the time you have to press start in the scence where a girl with silver hair is giving me titfuck...please help

I know I got quite far in the game, but I went to continue my saved game… it started at the begining of chapter 1…


That's weird indeed, it's the first time I've heard of this,  luckuly there is only one main story even after the prologue for now but I'll look into it as it could be troublesome if it happens again in the future, thanks! 

Could you change the keys?
Whenever I try to Alt-Tab to other window (like Discord or Firefox) while in the middle of a conversation, or guide, It pretty much skips the entirety of the text.

I'm not sure why you decided that the alt key would be ideal for skipping text, or any input at all, but it's not. I have to restart the entire chapter every time this happens, too, because I keep forgetting to save. I also forget that the alt key does that, since it doesn't happen in any other game I play.


Additionally, when  trying to use a game pad, it pretty much has the skip effect turned on constantly, and buttons keep getting pressed even though I don't actually touch the controller. But I imagine you can't actually solve the controller problem, as it likely has more to do with what Steam is doing with the controller data, since if I close Steam the game doesn't recieve input from the controller at all. I'm just mentioning it to let you know it happens.


Thank you for telling me! You are right, the Alt key would probably be the worst for anything, I had actually set the CTRL key for that but a bug made it so that the alt key also worked, it will be fixed for the next version! (which comes out in a few days.)

As for the controller issue I've also tried something but I'm not sure if it will work as it's something I cannot test myself nor it's something I've started working on yet, but hopefully it will also be solved!

I am unemployed, not in school, and really have nothing better to do. If you need a tester for controllers, or just in general, let me know.

I have access to a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via USB and Bluetooth on Windows 10. Also on Windows 10, I have access to a Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 via USB.

I'm also willing to test for free. As much as I could really use money, I am very intrigued by the direction this game's story went in… and I don't think I should be paid to test a game in development with its demo available for free that I'll be playing and reporting bugs for anyway. Bugtesting before the game's next public release just saves the public the trouble of experiencing the bugs.


Thanks, I appreciate the offer! For now I should be fine though since I'll wait a few update before properly looking into the controller side of the game making but I'll tell you if I ever need some help on that!

do you think you will ever start to seriously work on the game if you get enough patreons?

 Oh yeah totally, I mean don’t get me wrong, I already take it seriously, give it all my free time and plan on finishing the game no matter what. But being able to live off of it and fully focus on it would definitely be a nice thing. 

It might sound a bit weird since we are talking about an adult game but I really want to share the story of the characters and make a good game that will do them justice. So yeah, I see it as something serious!

When I meant serious I meant to get a team if you get enough patrons and work full time I really want to see the full game

I hope I will see the full game

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to reach that point as it feel really far from where I stand but I’m not against the idea. Recruiting a dev so I can focus on the art and story does sound appealing, or even finding someone who has a similar art style to mine to speed up the process would be cool. 

I’ll concider it if I ever get to the point where it’s possible, if I find the right people when I get there then why not. 

so i just finished the quest where you recruit the girl that passed the first year exam with you does that mean that i finished the game cause i don't seem  to be able to go any further i am trying to find saya rigt now and i cant seem to find her

any way nice game

Oh, the girls you actually met was probably Saya herself (the other girl isn’t in the game yet) but I just realized that her event doesn’t clear the quest so it can be pretty confusing indeed, I’ll fix that for the next patch, thank you for telling me! 

But that aside you are right, the game ends here for now, there are two other girls that have an event that day (the girls with a heart on top of their head.) but that’s about it for now.

Thank you for the feedback, glad to hear you liked the game!

Interesting proposal, it's not original, but it's interesting and that is really important in a game. With a good history and deep characters you can create a fantastic experience.
I expect much over this game.

Thanks! I'll do my best to build an interresting game!